Commercial Management

Property management is at the core of our business and we do it well. If you are an investor you will find that our focused but flexible approach makes this our speciality. We consistently achieve excellence and exceed our clients’ expectations.

There is no more certain way to loose the value of your investment than by poor property management.

Investors and their assets are unique so we adopt a holistic approach to property management. We listen to our clients. We share their goals and wishes. We think creatively and we create a unique service for each of our clients.

Our service is designed to deliver maximised value, to drive performance and to minimise risk and we have been delivering it, consistently, year after year for 30 years.

Our comprehensive service relieves our clients of the day to day problems which can come with property investment, leaving them to concentrate on other matters.

We use a fully computerised property management system but more importantly we get to know our properties, our tenants and their businesses so that we are an interface between landlord and tenant, contactable 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Our aim as managing agents is to shoulder the burden through:
Rent collection including arrears management;
Ensuring that landlords and tenants obligations are met;
Dealing with tenants queries and problems;
Making sure insurance cover is in place;
Paying rents to landlords promptly and providing statements to enable clients to reconcile income and expenditure easily.

Value is critical when it comes to making investment decisions and we never lose sight of it. In addition to the above Cooke Rudling provides an extra dimension of services by advising on methods of improving the value of each investment, identifying when a sale is appropriate or when a restructuring of a portfolio is needed.

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